If your Assessment Firm is dreading the increased manual labor that PCI-DSS 4.0 promises to bring, you’re not alone. Confide had been watching the development of PCI 4.0 for years, and they could see the writing on the wall: the updated certification was going to be more toilsome than v.3.2.1 ever was.

Nicole Braun, Associate Director of Security at Confide, knew there was no time to waste. The increased complexity had to be addressed immediately, because many of Confide’s clients were eager to start using PCI 4.0 as soon as possible.

The firm began an 18-month search for a solution that would make the PCI assessment process more streamlined, more efficient, and less painful. After an exhaustive search, they discovered TCT Portal.

TCT Portal Speeds Up Makes PCI 4.0 Easier and Quicker

Confide needed a compliance management tool that would suit a range of organizations with a range of compliance needs. They also wanted a solution that could map different standards together. It had to be easy to use, highly responsive, and flexible enough to use across various assessments and standards. 

And it would have to fit Confide’s budget and their clients’ budgets.

Confide’s case study shows how TCT’s compliance management software streamlined PCI 4.0 and helped them serve their clients more effectively. 

“Without TCT Portal, it would have easily doubled our reporting time….TCT Portal is a key component of making the assessment or audit process less painful.”

— Nicole Braun, Associate Director of Security at Confide.


Download the case study and discover how Confide used TCT Portal to:

  • Reduce wasted time and effort
  • Streamline the QA process
  • Provide greater visibility to clients

Why TCT Portal?

TCT Portal is an end-to-end software solution that automates all the heavy lifting of a compliance engagement. It was built by security and compliance people, for security and compliance people — incorporating decades of in-depth, hands-on compliance management expertise. The platform organizes every aspect of compliance engagements and typically cuts manual labor in half, across the board. TCT Portal serves any company subject to compliance, those serving those dealing with compliance challenges and Assessment Firms.

We've battle-hardened TCT Portal through hundreds of engagements, led by our own team, our clients, and Assessment Firms who use the platform with their own clients.

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